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Naysayer "Down But Not Out" collection


Naysayer’s second 7 inch on Reaper Records, called “Down But Not Out”. Still without a test press but happy to have found all these versions. There were three limited versions, two of them have the same stamped cover but have different colours of vinyl. The white vinyl is rarer than the copies that come with blue vinyl. The other limited version has the VCU Rams cover.

The stamped covers were made by the label for United Blood Festival in 2011, along with a slew of other similar stamped covers for other releases, which are a pain to get because they are all out of twenty copies. And as you can see, some with different colours also. So in that case, the individual versions are less than twenty.

The VCU Rams are a basketball team from Richmond, VA in the United States. This as a side remark. The cover is hand numbered out of 50 copies and comes as an extra cover above the regular cover.

There are regular covers also, those comes with two colours of vinyl; white and blue. The pre-order colour was supposed to be another, as you can see by this note:

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