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Naysayer "Nation Of Greed" Record Release

cover limited

Naysayer’s record release show took place earlier this year. So it seems that I got quicker in getting the limited versions of Reaper Record’s releases. Although I am in luck, as they have slowed down their pace of releasing records too. Previously it took me several years to acquire a limited version, then they stacked up one by one.
This is one of the bands the most loyal to the label. They already released two 7 inches (No Remorse and Down But Not Out) and an LP (Laid To Rest) on the label, starting in 2009. I liked the vibe on the LP.

Naysayer “Nation Of Greed” record release (cover art by N. Miller)
Naysayer “Nation Of Greed” hand numbered out of 30 copies
with fold open insert in thick paper

As you can see, the designer(s) chose to depict a lot of live action in the layout. There are different shots on the insert, the b-side label and the back side of the cover. Overall good layout except for the a-side label in my opinion.
As you can derive from the record’s title, the land they live in, isn’t perceived positively. But as a nation full of greed. I think this flatters them, especially in the back ground of current elections and geopolitics. It’s a rather socialist view upon the actuallity. Although I would not simply give up my welfare for others neither. As there are other ways of redividing welfare or creating welfare for the poorer countries.

Anyway, there are regular versions also, red and blue in the regular cover. Here they are:

red vinyl out of 800
blue vinyl out of 200
back side of cover

I have some other things ordered, so we’ll keep this site up and running.

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