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NAYSAYER United Blood 2011 7 Inches

Last week I found and scored some records I was looking for quite a long time now. It concerns three different 7 inches of the band NAYSAYER. The first two were manufactured by their record label REAPER Records and are the most limited:

naysayer no remorse united blood stamp reaper records vinyl 7 inch
Grey vinyl with red UNITED BLOOD stamp out of 20 copies

There’s something weird going on with the grey vinyl, it isn’t mixed properly and results in a see-through effect:

see-through effect

Not held toward the light makes it also visible:

Grey vinyl

This one is an older release of the band, it’s actually their debut. Dating from the year 2009. Grey was the pre-order color which obviously wasn’t totally sold out. If not it wouldn’t be possible to use 20 copies for a second pressing.

Next up is also a label made variant by using the pre-order color, white with regular sleeve and putting a stamp on it. In silver ink this time:

naysayer dbno down but not out united blood stamp record vinyl reaper
Naysayer “DBNO” UNITED BLOOD stamp 
Silver stamp close-up

And finally the same release “Down But Not Out” and vinyl color but with a different sleeve and also sold at the same fest in the same year. It’s a cover above a cover. And is numbered out of 50 copies on the back. Have a gander at it:

naysayer down but not out dbno reaper records vinyl 7 inch vcu cover
VCU – cover
Numbered 21/50
Cover above cover

Glad I found them, they are totally rare and not purchasable through mailorder. So not so easy to find and to get…

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