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United Blood 2011

Reaper Records made this compilation because many bands from the label played at that festival in Richmond Virginia way back in 2011. The records was made in two versions. The most common version has 250 copies made and the other version has 50 copies made (Source: Reaper Records discography webpage).

festival flyer

The most common version has got a 10 pages 7 inch sized booklet as cover and insert. All pressed in black and white ink. Every band has got a page with the lyrics and artwork. The artwork for each band is different and unique to this compilation. Sometimes the covers of the releases are used for the layout, sometimes not. The front page of the booklet has got artwork based on the Rest In Pieces “My Rage” album cover. Rest In Pieces is an eighties New York Hardcore band. And the back cover has got the art from the festival flyer. Vinyl colour fro both versions is the same but the difference lies in the stamps that were placed on the white centre label.
The limited version is a single page fold open cover with the remaining 8 pages artwork condensed on the inside. Also the back cover changes. And the front cover looses the white border. See photo’s to judge for yourself.

First band is Terror which was a band on the forefront of the worldwide Hardcore scene during the years 2005 to 2015 and still makes new records up to this day. The bring a song from the 2010 album ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ one of their most popular albums.

Naysayer was one of the local bands as they were from Richmond VA. They released several titles including a full length for Reaper Records.

Death Threat has got one record released for Reaper Records. They started out in the nineties and released records through Triple Crown and Bridge Nine also. This is from the 7 inch ‘Lost At Sea’.

No Values were a short lived band with someone from Iron Boots, Bracewar and Fire And Ice, called FLZA Dana. They released only one 7 inch ‘United We Die’ which seems to sink into oblivion.

Down To Nothing was also one of the better Hardcore bands of the past decades. The released a record through Revelation Records also in 2007. The style they play on their release for Reaper Records is slightly different than their usual work. Especially their first releases were collectible.

Take Offense were from Chula Vista in southern California. They made a great record called ‘Tables Will Turn‘ the last full length for Reaper Records wasn’t so popular though.

Fire And Ice were also featured. They released 7 inches on Triple B and a full length for Reaper Records. Play groovy Hardcore in vein of Leeway…

Maximum Penalty is one of the original eighties New York Hardcore bands. They released a record called Life And Times in 2008. On a personal note I would like to say that this is one of the best records from 2008, still listening to it…

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