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Detroit Motor City, Detroit Rock City,
Detroit, home of NEGATIVE APPROACH.
negative approach tied down lp vinyl cover
Old school dating!
They only lasted a couple of years but left behind a legacy that would live forever.
Going back to my very own birthyear 1981, four Detroit punks give birth to their own creative outlet
after witnessing a BLACK FLAG and NECROS show. A negative approach it was indeed, with lyrics
descending into the darkest corners of the mind, spitting out your rage and fears on stage, they set a new approach that would find many following over the span of hardcore’s history.

Tied Down is the one full album that saw daylight during their short lived career. Next to an EP
with the appriopate title Negative Approach, famous with the ‘Excorcist’ artwork on the cover.
Tied Down is an instant classic that every hardcore fan should have amidst his collection.
Released in 1983 on TOUCH AND GO RECORDS this release has seen many reissues, back by popular demand in the ’90’s on cassette tape and on vinyl with extra pressings over the years.

Basic artwork as made famous during the ’80’s

Ten classic NEGATIVE APPROACH tracks grace this record, displaying their approach of hardcore
in the desperate city of Detroit. Hard, aggresive and in your face, just the way we like it.

The absolute killer track on this album is Evacuate, a song that has been covered by INTEGRITY as

a tribute to the originators of the negative hardcore. Integrity Evacuate Click Here, a classic downtempo
song full of anger and anxiety.
80’s Hardcore

Next to other great tracks such as Nothing and Dead Stop this album left behind a legacy that still
live on till today.
Different opinions on the lyrical content and some personal issues concerning band members relationships led to the break up of the original band in 1983. In 1984 a new line up tried it for a second run, only to disband  during the first week of touring the Tied Down tour.

In 2006 they came back together for the 25th anniversary show of TOUCH AND GO RECORDS and have been playing on occasion since then. In 2010 some old recordings from 1984 saw the light again and these have been released on TAANG RECORDS under the worktitle Nothing Will Stand In Our Way.


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