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AFTERSHOCK Through The Looking Glass LP collection

I’ve been on a Good Life Recordings trip lately! Been collecting records etched with ‘ ED-… ‘ more than ever. The records from Good Life catalogue have grown quite hard to find but fate has been on my side. When you hear “Good Life” one immediately thinks about metal. This release is no exception and stands the test of time.

aftershock through the looking glass lp red vinyl good life recordings
Red vinyl out of 300 copies

I have been able to get all three colors and I see that as quite an achievement:

aftershock through the looking glass lp collection red yellow black

Many recent bands like Abraxis, Pale Creation, Hang The Bastard etc. are very metallic as you might have read here in Ezekiel’s posts and this band may have been one of earlier bands that play that kind of sound while staying embedded in the hardcore scene. I make this comparison pure soundwise, because this band has nothing to do with Holy Terror.

A not so regular yellow!

You can still buy this conceptual release that was ahead of it’s time and straight from Good Life and there are even some yellows left! I think the red version is totally sold out!

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