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No One Rules


Yesterday I featured some words about one of the most modern Hardcore outfits, today brings us back to the roots of New York Hardcore. The No One Rules LP focuses on the New York part of the American Hardcore Punk scene with Agnostic Front as one of the pioneers. There were Black Flag, 7 Seconds, Minor Threat, SSD, Negative Approach and others that constituted the perception of the American Hardcore Punk scene as a whole. But this focuses on one band of that movement in particular, Agnostic Front.

The 1983 and 1984 Don Fury demos of Agnostic Front are finally done justice by giving it a proper and official release on vinyl. The release comes with a thick picture book filled with photos, flyers and other artwork. But also excerpts of zines which make it very interesting. And testimonies of people involved in the scene. It was Radio Raheem who released this. They really succeeded in creating the effect and let you breed the atmosphere of Agnostic Front’s begin years. Every text snippet very to the point, how the band members met each other and how the scene needed to be comprehended but also about how misunderstood they were by some others.

Radio Raheem early demos Agnostic Front NYHC
Agnostic Front “No One Rules” LP compilation

The cover shows us a Punk and a Skin united, in a no one rules atmosphere. There is also a letter from Agnostics Front’s drummer Raybeez, that deals with girls in the scene and how all bands should be united instead of talking behind each others backs.

Finally the back cover shows us Agnostic Front playing a show in NYC from a spectator point of view. It draws you right in the atmosphere of these magical times that nobody seems to have forgotten thanks to Agnostic Front still playing and making music, but also thanks to vinyl records and cassettes for the musical remembrance and also thanks to people who made zines and documented all of this by taking pictures, saving flyers, etc…

Radio Raheem early Agnstic Front demos LP
Back cover with live picture and track list

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