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Not really SPINELESS doubles!

I’ve found two SPINELESS releases on SOBERMIND records from which I thought they were going to be just doubles. But actually it are different versions.

Firstly a promotional copy out of 35 of the Spineless full length. The copy is also a one of a kind as you can see… Very beautiful result!

spineless a talk between me and the stars LP purple vinyl transitional promo sober mind

So there are numbered copies (numbered with stamp) but obviously copies like this one also. We can assume that the numbered copies are out of 35 and that this is exact. BUT this copy says “Promo / 35”. So can we assume that there are an additional 35 promo copies as this writing says?

Or is the stamping and / or writing misleading us?

But there is another SPINELESS record, that I already have but my copy was not numbered, so it’s a different version also and not a double…

Although I do think numbering a record on the insert is kinda tricky..


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