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What Happened To The Reason For Releasing?

limited cover

I receive a lot of mail but one little parcel coming from the UK and bought in a store on the Limited Pressing platform stood out for me! It came from Endless Quest Records! Yes, what’s that some say? But luckily there are also people who do know what I’m talking about!

This record is a crystal clear example of why people make records. Not to make money but to document what is happening at a certain moment of time in music history! Well to come to the point, msc the founder of Endless Quest Records made a record to release the music of a fellow user who is in a band!

Hope Defeated is the name of that band! I listened to the music because i was curious about it. And need to say that it doesn’t defeat hope but that it brings hope in my head! A true treat for everyone involved! The band is happy with having the record, mcs does what he likes (creating and being busy with records) and also a treat for me because msc sent me the red version which he calls “The Blog Nerd Pressing”. I comment on his blog and have a blog myself so I guess I can have this one without shame!

The packaging is quality (what else would you expect of mcs?), here’s how it looks:

As you see this packaging has everything and is well-treated! Extra cover based on the UK Pressing of the Chain Of Strength What Holds Us Apart 7″. Red paper dust sleeve, red vinyl with stamps on both sides and a little paper with msc’s story! On top of that a digital download, so you don’t have to play it and can take it on your portable music player!

Also mentioned what it is, a blog nerd pressing! And also numbered on the dust sleeve (#48 / 60). the number 48 is also the number of his Chung King Records and so also the number included in his username on Instagram: chungking48.

The B-side has a stamp also, a stamp of Doug’s blog: We Will Bury You!

I also bought every color and by that I entered the testpress contest. Exciting!

The music is very energetic and melodic! The lyrics are hard and insightful, the thinking as power to survive!

Check out the record collecting blog of Marcus also.

One response to “What Happened To The Reason For Releasing?”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Willem. Some nice photos of the records here. Hope you enjoy!

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