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Got this a while ago but never came to share it. It’s the ORIGINAL release show poster for nothing less than the BLACKENED PERSISTENCE album of CONGRESS! With MARILYN MONROE on it.

congress blackened persistance release show poster H8000 nations on fire Izegem
CONGRESS Blackened Persistence release show poster OG

Shows us many things:

  1. The exact date of the release of that album: 26 November
  2. The other band: NATIONS ON FIRE
  3. Also the fact that in 1995 N.O.F. hadn’t played with the original line-up in 3 years
  4. The place: IZEGEM (h8000 area ofcourse)

What you may find odd is the fact that MARILYN MONROE is on it, I have some speculations but nothing for sure. Maybe Edward can fill me in on this? But I’m not that surprised because in the September 2010 CONGRESS interview with JOSH, Marilyn was mentioned as being the subject of UxJx’s rambling:

UXJ seemed the weirdo of the bunch: wearing unreadable metal logo-shirts, rambling on about Marilyn Monroe and how he liked satanic stuff. No crew was formed as far as I know, although most records that came out were

Some close-up pictures to visualize what’s on it:

Any memories and/or anecdotes about this? Feel free to share…

2 responses to “OG CONGRESS Blackened Persistence RELEASE POSTER”

  1. In the very beginning of Good Life, a LOT of our imagery, wether it be flyers, posters or cd layouts reflected 50's black & white vintage photography including Marilyn, but also Marlon Brando and others.No specific reason really, other than than it made our stuff stand out from the rest. Still proud of this beautiful poster, thank you Onno Hesselink for helping me create it, could not have done all of this without you.

  2. this used to hang on my 'kot' wall for years… wish i didn't chuck it out after graduating…

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