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VVEGAS, safehaven of thee omniscient T, a band of brothers in arms amidst the chaos, based in Germany, Australia, Northern America and Asia, a world dominating force ready to unleash their fury upon thee. Clouded in secrecy they spread their message through sonic annihilation. This time the arcane crew of madmen teamed up with Virginia based band MOUTHEATER for the release of this EP.

With combined forces they created this masterpiece in 2008, accompanied by DWID HELLION who delivered the artwork, a ferocious  four track 7″ for us all to devour and cherish, brought to us by the Nashville homegrown label THRASHED RECORDS, the label that MOUTHEATER released their debut 7″ ‘LOT LIZARD’ with.
As you might of guessed by now VVEGAS are kindred souls to the HOLY TERROR spirit so we already sense where this EP is going for. Embrace the darkness of life brought to you on a silver plate or ‘plaat’. MOUTHEATER lends them a helping hand in spreading their message across. If you’re not up for it then now is your chance to get out. This is not your jolly jump-around type of hardcore, metal, punk,…. whatever, music that you get yours kick off to. Reality is hard and it will slap you in the face, are you aware enough to witness it?
vegas moutheather 7 inch cover
Thee ART
The artwork has been created by DWID HELLION and i must say that he has outdone himself. I already fell for the more creepy, crawly inspired army of creatures that DWID normally draws. But this albumcover is of a different dimension and grabs your attention. At first sight it looks like a sort of chaotic, apocalyptic painting with different colors, shades and compositions, even some characters can be spotted. A closer look at it only makes you go deeper into the artwork and makes you see more than the eye can behold.
I’m still trying to figure out what this image is made of and what techniques were used. It looks like many different shards of other images that have been scrambled into a new composition. Painted, cut and paste or digitally enhanced or some of the thoughts that come to my mind. A display of creation through destruction.
THRASHED THR-11 catalogue nr. and the MANSONFISH showing DWID’s collaboration
The back cover is an extension of the front cover artwork and beholds the tracklisting.
Two tracks by each entity spread across the A and B side of the 7″ vinyl.
VVEGAS pleases us with  their gifts starting of with Becoming The Night, a sort of soundscape consisting of acoustic guitar that swells as droning ambient sounds rise up, German spoken whispers guide you through, while a mantra repeats itself in the background. Even the sound of reversed recordings come in. All this  in accordance to the sound brought by one of T’s other projects and object of my fandom, ROSES NEVER FADE.
MMVII or 2008 for all you non Romans kicks in after the epic Becoming The Night and it goes hard. Beatdown style meets Clevo hardcore topped off with vicious vocals. Can you dig it! These two tracks
make my anxious for the new release coming soon of VVEGAS and ABRAXIS.
VVegas is Hippies
MOUTHEATER for one have a different distinct ring to them, one that fits them well and i can see and hear the connection between the two featured bands. Lyrically there are ties that bind them, sonically it leads to a slower and bass driven sound. Still brutal and in your face enough to withstand the final Judgment day, were these guys will be playing mainstage with VVEGAS.
Misperceptions is the first track on the B side and shows us how these Virginians do it over there.
Sludgy guitars guide second track Ulcer through, slowly erupting into the end of this record.
Moutheater , a band to keep an eye on
And now the hard facts, the record discussed is one out of 300 copies on various mixed swirls, most of them black and grey. 100 yellow ( pre-order) and 100 red copies sums up to 500 of these little buggers going around. I’ve got mine and it’s a keeper. Now i want all you fans to witness it too.
Swirls like a dancing dervish
Both bands have enjoyed me and many others with the release of this EP. I for one i’m looking forward to
upcoming releases by both projects involved. The artwork being done by DWID adds that extra touch to it.
These guys know what us vinyljunkies like and they always try to make every release unique in it’s own way.
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