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Rise Above Shirt Photos

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My friend collector Jasper has done quite a catch here. It is an original Rise Above T-shirt from somewhere around the year 1990. He wanted to share this joy with me and I wanted to share this pics he send me with you.

I personally like everything about this shirt, the colors, the design and the condition of this shirt considering it’s age. The older readers of this blog have told me how much Rise Above ruled back in the days, well looking at this shirt I can completely imagine how much it must have ruled.

I think there is a pre-H8000 side to this shirt, I mean the person attacking the other person has a violent and aggressive edge. Oh well, just my random thoughts.

7 responses to “Rise Above Shirt Photos”

  1. Yes, very cool. I never saw it before. And a second solution to one of my questions is that RISE ABOVE had more than one release, didn't know that either. But somehow I wondered that one record was not enough, I mean they had to have more than one I guessed. Now confirmed, thanks Edward.

  2. First Rise Above shirt ever… great condition !the illustration on the back is the same of the limited edition /100 of the first 7″.I'll try to email you a scan.Edward

  3. Hans Verbeke

    An additional note to the shirt, there was a ltd white shirt before this one. I will dig it up here and take a pic.

  4. True, Hans, there were a batch of shitty white shirts before, you're right, lol !patches too.Rise above had 3 releases : – s/t 7″ on Punk Etc. Records (Belgium)- 'B is for Boston' 7″ 500 made on a French Label called 'Stand As One'.- 'B is for Bootleg' 7″ a repress by a friend of the band, exists with several ltd. sleeves on Warehouse Records.

  5. Jasper

    How many “B is for Bootleg” 7″-es are around?

  6. Waarschijnlijk is dit shirt van mij geweest, een paar jaar geleden verkocht voor 5 euros na 10 jaar in mijn bezit te zijn geweest. Cool design, maar veel te groot.

  7. Jasper said… How many “B is for Bootleg” 7″-es are around?This was a 500 press 7″ if I remember right.

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