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On Our Common Cause: Finding Rhythm To The Madness

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With the following 7 inch I’ve nearly completed my all versions collection of the Statement Of Purpose ep. Many bands play Youth Crew but few manage to create the pure magic of it in their sound. This has the real well-dosed anger, urgency and  positive powerful message that youth crew needs to bring to all ages.

And while we are at it, here’s the near-complete collection.

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The next records are different versions of the full length they recorded later on:

And an even interesting one is the European Tour version. This is a version where the creators have put a lot of effort in I guess. Because it has blank labels that have drawings on it in permanent marker. So I guess they are all unique and since there are quite a few in existence this was a hard work! But that’s how we knew Filip and Geert of Powered Records were…

That was our Common Cause! What’s equally important is finding Rhythm To The Madness. I completed the collection of the 7 inch. Look at it here:

showing all version of the music record called Soul Doubt by Rhythm To The Madness

Then over to the full length. A really strong but underrated record in my opinion! No complete collection yet but here’s the record release:

A bit low on inspiration and maybe budget-friendly version, but I needed it to continue completion of the collection.

Look for a redder version of the same cover if you want to find the compact disc version of the Common Cause ep.:

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7 responses to “On Our Common Cause: Finding Rhythm To The Madness”

  1. Interesting! I got it in a trade and I do not know where the person I traded with got it… So I can't know immediately! Need to ask him then

  2. I do know that they sold some in the webstore also. So you could be right!

  3. My tour version of the Common Cause LP has just blank labels.. I purchased it on a show on the tour though, so my guess is they just drew on the remaining ones?

  4. im tryin to build a common cause collection too. nice post. you'll have to get the new react release now.

  5. Anonymous

    I need to check my tour version, I have no clue if my labels are hand drawn or not.I do know, I am up to date with everything including test presses.Don't bother searching for a test press for the Statement Of Purpose 7″, they never made them.They did however made test presses for The Power To Change and they look super sweet.

  6. The drawing on the labels were done one that tour by the band. Didn't get through all of them though. Your B-side says “Train for EC (European Championship) in boxing” in Norwegian, haha!

  7. Thanks for translation OSLO HATE, that's a pretty cool text up there!

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