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Take Offense tables will turn LP


Reaper Records newest release is one that sticks to the roots of hardcore. Take Offense is a refreshing breeze in the field of ever changing and mutating hardcore. Not by changing along I think but by playing it still raw, urgent and hard. You may say that all this is passé but not when you hear this new album. They stay original while staying true.
You might think that it will bore you these classic hardcore ingredients and that you’ve had enough of this, but this band still manages to intrigue me when I hear this again and again. The question now is; why or how? Well, I think this raw and minimalist approach to sound along with the heartfelt vocals that remind me of Supertouch sometimes and the melodic guitar parts and heaviness that reminds me of Judge still does it in my opinion. I might seem traditionalist but this is really energetic and pur sang, that’s why I still like it!

Lyrically this band realizes that there are many paths you might take in life, many decisions need to be taken. This realization makes you powerful but can also make you doubt your potential. But they do it with self-reflection and criticism towards others, these two inner-constitutions seem to pave their path. Not that it leeds to complete freedom, another utopia that no one can linger in or realize to the fullest.

While the label decided not to tell the colors before they got sold and that both colors are out of 200 copies only. Makes things less exiting, although it is good that the pre-sale color is equally limited as the regular color for once. But this makes me wonder if there is another color out of 100 (just to be out of 500 in total)?

Anyway I think the vinyl colours worked out very fine and that it provides me hope when I hear this band, real hardcore still exists and truly lives!

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  1. they play in Kortrijk w/ Fire & Ice and Deal With It -> 8th June 2011

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