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Out For Blood 1996 demo

cover by band

The record in this post is one I din’t know the existence of up until I saw it for sale on Discogs. I already own the cassette version and the red vinyl version. This one has a limited cover and black vinyl and was made by the band. There is an unusual history behind this one, the story is written down on a paper and added to the record.

Out For Blood demo 1996 limited cover

The paper tells us the black version is a repress and that for some reason the repress copies were delayed and only reached the band in the year 2000. It were 100 copies that Division Records sent and the band made covers for them and sold them.

It’s a true fact, somewhere around 2007 I bought a black copy of this 7 inch straight from Division Records, when they still had a webshop. And the record came in a clear polyethylene sleeve without cover, just the record.

insert with the facts

Out For Blood from Brussels was one of the earlier bands I learned to know Hardcore from. One of my peers had the “Strive To Survive” CD and he let me borrow it for one of my CD’s. So I have a soft spot for the band.

Out For Blood was Alain’s band, he also did a label Released Power Productions. The label released some great titles like Arkangel’s debut “Prayers Upon Deaf Ears” and Solid’s “Sadness Of Mankind”.

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