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Survival Instinct


Morning Again’s latest release from 2018 was not yet reviewed. I remember what I thought way back in the mid to late 90’s when I first heard Morning Again. I thought they sounded a bit technical and fragmented. There was bits of melodic metal guided by ‘chugging riffs’ in their music. It took me a while to get into it and to get all the pieces together and hear coherence.

With this release it’s exactly the same. Although they have shifted even more to technical Death Metal, their delivery is still 100% their own style. The biggest change is the vocal delivery of Kevin Byers. The vocals sound thougher and harder. I would not recognise them if they were played a capella.

It has been since 1998 that Morning Again released their last full length. Perfect follow up, like there has never been a hiatus.

The mindset of this release is dark and apocalyptic. The tilte says it all, we will need a survival instinct if we continue to live this way. Or our survival instinct is coming short if we live this way. Also the cover shows a devastated and ruined urban landscape.

morning again survival instinct revelation records
Morning Again “Survival Instinct” 7 inch clear red and grey vinyl

This record was released by Revelation Records, it’s REV177. Was pressed in 2018 on grey and red vinyl. Red vinyl is limited to 315 copies, the grey vinyl is limited to 835 copies to be precise.

I have a large amount of records that have not been discussed on the blog, so this is the start of a catch up series of posts…

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