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Poison Idea "Pick Your King" RSD 7 inch

You know that feeling of having a poisonous thought or idea? You know the kinda thoughts when you are thinking about something that’s taboo or something that is not thought off before? Or even a thought that’s not allowed to be said out loud? The kind of thoughts that are challenging and maybe progressive but actually not a good idea? Or even an idea that’s irrelevant for the masses?

Well, the band Poison Idea cares not about what others might think or how other will react about such thoughts or even ideas. It’s a characteristic of Punk and Hardcore to enjoy the freedom of saying what you want or having the freedom of thought and even freedom of speech.

The content of this record title and according cover is maybe blasphemous or even a useless dilemma. But it says a lot about the properties of the Hardcore Punk movement and even echoes characteristics of American society.

Pick Your King Poison Idea
Pick Your King e.p. from Poison Idea (front and back cover merged in one picture)

So now that you see the concrete cover and record I’m talking about, the question arises; “Who do you prefer as king to worship?”

As to collectors information, this record is a reissue that was made for Record Store Day in the year 2012. Comes on crystal clear vinyl and was pressed by TKO Records.

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