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Arkangel “Prayers Upon Deaf Ears”


I’ve seen Arkangel play twice during the 90’s, one time at the OC in Bissegem somewhere in the late nineties. A show organized by Edward Good Life. Many people with Arkangel shirts and sweaters already. They were pumped and proud kids with a violent dancing attitude. Second time I have seen them was with Kickback at the PC in Bissegem also. Same town but different centre. This was a show were I had lost my faith in a part of Hardcore as there was useless and stupid violence during that show. Common sense ethics drifted me apart from that mentality and I stopped attending such live shows.

Arkangel “Prayers Upon Deaf Ears” 10 inch black vinyl
Arkangel “Prayers Upon Deaf Ears” 10 inch red vinyl with black

Arkangel were a band with a delivery that cuts like a double edged sword. Their music is hard to explain in words, as are all classical deliveries. A fluently evil metallic sound with lots of stirring riffs and bestial vocals.

I have never told you that still I have strong believes in their ethics and the way they see mankind’s current progress and stance towards the planet. Yes, it’s pretty much their description of the ethics that keep me interested and keep me believing that the ethics I acquainted during my youth are still relevant. I can say even more; they become more and more relevant these days. That is why I took the photo of the part of the poster insert of the record that has the manifesto written down.

I still believe in the fact that we can’t control nature and that in a dominion over nature we choose our demise. We need trees to produce our oxygen, we need free animals to thrive in those forests as they are an essential link in those ecosystems. We need oceans that are pure, clean rivers with fresh water. We need a more compassionate way of getting along with each other and and yes, love and justice are a weapon.

Arkangel’s manifesto

I have always been surprised why it was Lifeforce Records from Germany that released the vinyl version of this title. Somehow the thriving Belgian labels lost the opportunity to release this. But that’s also a good thing. Keeps the competition going between those labels. The CD-version was brought out by Released Power Productions from Brussels. Compact discs were the best selling format during the nineties. The CD versions was distributed all over the globe, three distro’s in the USA (Very, RevHQ and Back Ta Basiscs), two distro’s in Germany (Fire Engine and Cartel), a distro in Holland (Sonic Rendez-Vous), France (Overcome), England (Household Name) and even Argentinia (Pinhead). That’s most likely why this record is falsely perceived as the stereotypical Edge-Metal record globally.

I am glad to add a black vinyl copy to my collection. And to experience this record once again…

“One Standard One Ethic” from Prayers Upon Deaf Ears
“Evilization” from Prayers Upon Deaf Ears

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  1. Tino

    fantastic record!

    1. Glad you found your way back

    2. Tino

      cheers! will re-link your blog on mine asap.

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