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Skycamefalling “To Forever Embrace The Sun” 10 inch

I already posted about the Skycamefalling 10 inch on Good Life Recordings in a previous post. No need to repeat what I wrote. The colours on this one are cool, definitely worthy of posting here on this blog. This record is listed as two coloured versions on the Good Life Pressing Info sheet as clear with black or clear with pink, this one obviously has some blue mixed in as well.

Skycamefalling “… To Forever Embrace The Sun” 10 inch
one of a kind coloured vinyl of the Skycamefalling 10 inch

Got this one in a trade with thecitizenxzine from Instagram. He did a website at the end of the nineties and now resumed operating on the internet by posting on Instagram. He does this already a few years. He makes photo’s with great compositions and colorscheme’s. A kind of art he makes with his records.

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