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Record Collection Outtake: Rise & Fall

This band is great in all aspects. When I first heard them I quickly realized this. The first Rise & Fall record I had was the 2 song ep on Deathwish. It was a long time ago that recent music reminded me of the to me familiar H8000 style. This ep isn’t their best work but it is very bestial, aiming at the reptile part of the brain.

rise and fall clawing bottomfeeder deathwish inc records 7 inch all colors collectio
Later on I ordered the Into Oblivion CD at ReflectionsHQ. This record made me realize that they were one of, if not the greatest band of Belgium. So I had to get this on wax! After a year of searching this record on ebay or tradeboards, I gathered my courage and contacted Reflections Records from the Netherlands. I made an offer and it was accepted! So I finally I got it and it is now safely in my collection.

rise and fall into oblivion LP red vinyl reflections records
Recently their newest record ‘Our Circle Is Vicious’ was to be released by their befriended Deathwish Inc. CEO Jacob Bannon. I wanted to pre-order this record but thought that it wouldn’t be worth the effort since they would sell out before I could order them. Another reason why I doubted was that the record would be damaged as many record coming from Deathwish Inc. are. So I skipped the pre-orders. But later I discovered that their were distro’s in Europe also that had this record ready for pre-order. So I did eventually pre-ordered this. And to my pleasant surprise I got the second most limited version. One out of 300 pieces made. I never thought this would be possible because the US pre-orders were a lot earlier and direct from the label.

rise and fall our circle is vicious lp bronze white vinyl In the Deathwish pressing info and on the sleeve-sticker they cal this colorway white / bronze mix vinyl. But this is actually white / bronze swirl vinyl.

Deathwish also pressed a version of the ‘Into Oblivion’ LP. I’m rather confused because the Deathwish inc. site mentions that this is a second pressing. Although to my opinion this is a repress because it is on a different label, unless Reflections merges with Deathwish inc. or something, but this isn’t the case.

rise and fall into oblivion LP gray white deathwish inc reissue

There is one record that I’m badly missing, namely their first called ‘Hellmouth’. I actually never heard it. I guess I will be trying to get it on CD. So that I can dig deeper in the roots of the band. And determinate their musical evolution.

In related news, Rise And Fall is playing the H8000 fest: check the flyer here!

6 responses to “Record Collection Outtake: Rise & Fall”

  1. 'Hellmouth' was released on Join The Team Player Records in Europe and Surprise Attack Records in the US. Before that record, Rise & Fall also did a split MCD before 'Hellmouth', with Paint This Town Red, also on Join The Team Player Records. 'Into Oblivion' was released in the US on Deathwish, and in Europe on Reflections, so no repress. Nothing special really, happens quite a bit where different labels release a record simultaneously in different parts of the world.Anyways, R&F are the best band in Europe right now for me. Amazing band, esp live. 'In Circles', best song of 2009? I think so :)…

  2. Yeah I know, but why does it mention in the pressing info of the dw site (see link in post) “second press”. It should be called first US press then? Anyway thanks for the reply XemonerdX

  3. Got doubles of the demo and a pink sleeved Into Oblivion. They also released a song on a GSR compilation at the time they were gonna put out a record on that label.

  4. Hi thefleX, I just pre-ordered the R&F demo on wax.

  5. Selling the pink sleeve version of Into Oblivion sealed.

  6. I still remember Bjorn saying on a show something like “this song is dedicated to everyone who still remembers the feeling after his first show, how amazing it was”. I'm wondering which song that was…

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