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Rise & Fall demo 7 inch

There is a new label around, called Control Records and they just released their first record. They kicked it off with releasing nothing less than the Rise And Fall demo 2003 on a 7″ sized piece of vinyl. Previously released as cassette only. The cassettes come in two versions, band copies and blank cassette case.

Control Records has blog website that you can find here:

vinyl scan
red vinyl numbered out of 100 copies on inside of cover

The music sounds straight forward and harsh, very interesting to hear. The trademark riffs of Rise & Fall already shine through and there are also melodic guitars parts now and then, something they don’t do that explicitly any more.

vinyl scan
b side of regular black vinyl

As you will see on their new site, True Colors is also on their roster.

flyer True Colors final show at Jeugdhuis Tydeeh

Yes, these two great bands will play together in May in Belgium. And it also says that this is True Colors final show.


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