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Record Outtake: Earth Crisis All Out War

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Long time I did a feature on Vegan Straight-edge. Well, with this post I’m aiming at the bullseye. I recently obtained the original debut 7″ of vegan-straight-edge kick-starters Earth Crisis. This record came out on Conviction Records in 1992 and was a huge influence for all later vegan bands to come. Although I believe their second, called “Firestorm” was even of greater influence.
The frontman you all know, Karl Buechner, declares in the Burning Fight interview that he wanted to form the best Vegan Straight Edge band ever. And I believe that with this life-span, continents played, endurance and popularity amongst the vegan straight-edge hardcore kids they succeeded and still succeed.
So what we have here is their very first record “All Out War”, with a thin bottom fold-out paper cover, very vulnerable and the lyrics on the back. It comes with two inserts that have the mission statement of the band and additional information about the lyrics.
Musically this was very different, metal infused hardcore that wasn’t played a lot at the time. Just fittingly because Karl was really fed up with animals being abused, this record was their declaration of war to those disrespectful of animal life.

There are also coloured copies of the Conviction press, I’ve seen a green and a blue, both very limited, no more that 500 made. No need to get these immediately but I will one day in the life that’s ahead of me.

Later Victory Records reissued this release with a coloured cover and two-coloured insert. Mine comes on green wax. I’m not sure if there are any other colours around. Hook us up in the comments if you’d like to share…

Those who are familiar with the science-fiction movies of George Lucas, can see how the title track’s case is inspired by the logo of this movie. Very cool detail, if you ask me. Also the back of the cover has ‘Go Vegan!’ real great on the back.

I’m glad Earth Crisis is still around, because by sticking to your morals for the rest of your life you do the best statement you can deliver to the outside world.

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  1. I pressed two presses of the All Out War 7″ on Conviction. First press was 700 black/300 green with blue labels, and 5 test presses. Second press was 700 black/300 blue with green labels. Twenty five of the second press blue vinyl copies have a full color cover.

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