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TeeTillDeath and Vinylnoize: Collector’s Guides

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Visiting the Hoverboard of Limited Pressing is really very interesting from the viewpoint of a collector, quite a revelation. Amongst all the things I discovered there are two feeds on the Hoverboard that really deserve your attention. Also my attention goes to these two connected blogs quite a lot.
This because the blogs show you an intelligent and experienced selection of what eBay has to offer in vinyl-records and T-shirts. The dudes behind these blog surf eBay a lot and then blog about their finds, so that you can pick them up. They have a good taste for real hardcore and punk stuff and you will see that they are in the branch for a very long time now, so they are really experienced in collecting vinyl-records and T-shirts.
They do a very valuable job and every post is worth reading, so that’s why I wanted to share and introduce these here on my blog.

The first blog, called Vinylnoize, is about music in all formats, but mainly our favourite format; vinyl.

This is their about section:

We surf ebay. A lot. We’re always looking for great deals, and the best vinyl out there. As long as we’re not actively trying to track down an item, you can be sure we’ll be posting the best stuff we can find. From punk and hardcore to old hip hop and jazz, we’ve got all those vinyl gems you are looking for. Come back, and come back often.

The second blog, called TeeTillDeath is about merch.

This is their about section:

Do you find yourself spending hours surfing eBay for treasures, for that misspelled gem? We do. And here’s where we’ll share those gems and discuss the little things that go into our favourite shirts, as viewed through the lens of hardcore and eBay. Expect amusing stories and breaking news on cheap shirts. Note: Most images in our posts are links to eBay. Click those pics and bid to your hearts content. The items listed on these pages DO NOT belong to the staff at TTD. We cannot sell them to you. You would have to buy them from the eBay sellers. Also, all links are affiliate links. These affiliate links help keep this site alive and keep us blogging. Thanks for the support.

Go check them out, but know that these blogs are visited a lot and so do the auctions featured on these blogs and that by this the prices are bumped also! Plain logic, but still very worth checking out for the descriptions they give along with the pictures of the items, that are actually the links to eBay…

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