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Red Hare "Nites Of Midnite" LP


Three of my blogging colleagues posted about the Nites Of Midnite LP by Red Hare. Almost all of them about three years ago. I heard nothing but positive news coming from them. It wasn’t enough to convince me buying one. But now when there is this awesome looking gold version of their 7 inch pressed and I saw them popping up again, I was triggered into checking out the band.

I nearly never buy digital, so I decided to order their LP on blue in a Belgian distro. That blue is a second press which I’m waiting on to be delivered. A few minutes after I ordered, I was thinking why not get the red first press, it looks better and matches the band’s name, Red Hare. That seemed to be a very easy task when looking on Discogs. Eventually, I snagged one slightly cheaper than the blue.

On the introspective side this series of events tells us many things. Firstly that when I see a record I like, it sometimes takes several years to actually buy one. But also that once I come in temptation, I will eventually buy the record. Secondly it tells me that the satisfaction of buying records is temporarily and sometimes even very short. Because straight after ordering the blue version I decided to buy a red also, meaning that now I question myself shouldn’t I have been glad with one version, etc. Thirdly it tells us that reading blogs and repressing records keeps them alive and besides writing books about it, it’s the only way to prevent it from sinking into oblivion or slipping into obscurity. There are a few other lessons we might pull but that would take this too far.

Anyway, the band Red Hare features members of Fury, a band in many peoples top ten for 2016. Also members from DC Hardcore legends Dag Nasty and Swiz are present in the line up. See the hype sticker photo. There is also mentioning of Bluetip, a band I should be checking out once. And so this is indeed an endless quest. If anybody knows more about this and the other bands members play in, feel free to comment and contribute.

The vinyl comes on beautiful deep red, not a cheap looking red, it’s very nice and full of quality. The cover is good and simple, a cover that is very recognisable and easy to remember. There are two labels involved in this, Dischord Records and Hellfire Records. I’ve been meaning to also get the 7 inch straight from Dischord but overseas shipping would ruin the party.

In the meanwhile the blue version arrived.

Red Hare LP blue vinyl second press
Red Hare LP blue vinyl second press

3 responses to “Red Hare "Nites Of Midnite" LP”

  1. Different Fury. The Fury in this case was out of DC in the late 80's, which had Shawn Brown (Red Hare vocals) on bass, and Jason Farrell on guitar. I thought their 7 inch was okay…but if you haven't heard Swiz, that needs to be your next move.

  2. Fury 7″ is actually pretty sweet, Swiz is great too, poor mastering on most of the records, especially the discography cd is almost unlistenable. There should be a three double LP discography coming out someday that has better mastering.

  3. Thanks for the information bro's!

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