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Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change" Reissue

cover southern lord reissue

Before last year’s end Southern Lord unleashed the long awaited pre-orders in both the American and European online webstores. There were a lot of colours available. There was purple, blue, orange, clear, red and black. I chose the clear version. I associated clear with the clear message they bring. No way I would be buying all.

The record was delivered recently and the record comes in the best packaging. A very sturdy gatefold cover with yellow lettering. Inside of the gatefold there is glued a 12×12 inch booklet with never before released photo’s. There are also two additional inserts, one with the lyrics and the liner notes. The other one with the Uniform Choice logo and the live picture the drawn cover is based upon.

clear vinyl Southern Lord
Uniform Choice “Screaming For Change” reissue
Uniform Choice “Screaming For Change” reissue
Clear vinyl, Southern Lord pressing

The music has been remastered. I was biased because I thought it wouldn’t deliver. I think it sounds a lot different than the original version. The individual musical instruments sound more accentuated which creates a more diverse sound with more layers and diversity, which isn’t bad. The sound also is warmer than before. The negative side is that the whole sounds less urgent than the original.
It’s great to finally have a version that includes a lyrics sheet. I wanted to read these already a long time.

Although I am too young to have experienced the entire wave of American Hardcore Punk, even the early nineties after that, I like this record the most. It’s my favourite West Coast Hardcore record and also of the entire 80’s. My friends already know this. It’s my secret mean of getting positive energy. No doubt I will get better when I listen to this.

Also read an excerpt of Tony Rettman’s new book about how Uniform Choice made the Straight-Edge scene in Los Angeles safe on this site, it’s great and features many people from the band and scene as well as some YouTube video’s with their music.

2 responses to “Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change" Reissue”

  1. Looks great on clear!

  2. Yes, I also think so. Clear vinyl is an excellent choice for this record. Should have been done earlier.

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