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Regress No Way Compilation (Belgium 1992)

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Speaking of “bars and stars” from the DC-flag as mentioned in the previous post by my co-author Ezekiel. Here’s another later record that was inspired by that artwork. But that’s far from the core of this write-up! What I’m trying to say is that this record was never discussed on H8000 Central and never here, that’s a shame… But never too late to pay homage to the bands and their songs and lyrics! The quartet of bands on this compilation is Spirit Of Youth, Blindfold, Shortsight and Nations On Fire! This record has it all, a 8-page booklet insert with an awesome live-picture on the front-page and a small Warehouse Records catalogue (which is the label who brought this out, the pre- Good Life Recordings label).

V/A Regress No Way! 7 inch

Inside the booklet each band have the lyrics and band info, all in a very clear layout! In the middle of that booklet you see the – then still very young – band members! Dominiek and Frederiek still kids at the time. And centrally the “three-P” slogan: “Positive Political Powerful” amongst the drugfree resistance message.

Please don’t ask me to tell you what’s my favourite band, every band has it’s strengths and facets that are great! For instance Edward playing in Nations and doing vocals in Spirit Of Youth, Hans singing for Shortsight and doing guitars for Blindfold! They were active in each other’s band. There also isn’t a mentioning of who’s doing what on the insert…

Another thing I’d like to say is about the music of the Spirit Of Youth track, it goes right through me, gives me shivers to my spinal column! So maybe I’d vote this a favourite…

Also on the Nations On Fire page, there’s a flyer for a show with Born Against in Switzerland. And it’s the same background used for the Antidote “Thou Shalt Not Kill” 7 inch. Again inspired and learning from the pioneers in the USA, but trying to make a scene of it’s own, with totally different characteristics and music and lyric delivery!

Nations On Fire “On And On”
Shortsight “On Fire”
Spirit Of Youth “A Message”
Blindfold “Compare And Adjust”

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