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Sektor Human Spots Of Rust



Glad to be making another H8000 post! Today’s entry is about one LP I got. Namely Sektor “Human Spots Of Rust” on pink, with this addition I’ve completed my Sektor collection.

sektor human spots of rust LP pink vinyl numbered sober mind records

As witty readers can see, the sleeve of this record has the same picture as the OUTSPOKEN Lp on New Age Records. Just more zoomed out. I would like to know why they did this. Anyone?

The record is numbered out of 95 on the dust sleeve, while mostly Hans numbered his records on the vinyl label.

It’s also a one of kind item to an extent, because there’s black in it. Seeing this makes me believe there are copies with more black in it.

Sober Mind Records usually had two different covers for the LP and CD version. As is the case for this one.

Sektor is one of the darkest and purest H8000 bands. The music hits you hard. And takes you on a journey through the deepest and darkest corners of mind and soul. The beating drums woven with metallic riffs go right through you. When you listen to this you want to escape the morbid sound and you never forget the feel of being on the thin line between life and death.

You feel your heartbeat yet slow death is immanent. You can trust no one is this darkness that surrounds you every day. Moral, ecological and sociological decay is observed, they say fuck off by this to everyone. They observe death as they go through life, nothing but death. The only thing that’s constant and the only thing you can rely on is your heartbeat, it is the only thing that keeps you alive.

Because your world and the actions you take are transitory and brings nothing but death, Sektor really wants to stay pure and away from all that filth that’s found inside humanity. Filth (or rust upon humanity), such as betrayal, superficial love, money, greed and of course drugs and meat are rejected. They keep it at bay and just observe the rest and seek refuge in their own place with their own rules, symbolized as their church or chapel. Realizing every action will be be in vein and the only thing you can save, believe in and trust in is yourself.

The music they make is of course a mirror for the death humanity brings to nature and themselves. And the realization of all this. These insights aren’t that fun to have and drive you in isolation. But they started with themselves and purified their souls and actions towards other living beings and had created their own circles to live in. And stay pure by their fuck off attitude towards the rest, being vegan and being straight-edge!

These ethics of absolute inner purification and the feel of death around them have shaped Sektor to what they are and to what music they make.

2 responses to “Sektor Human Spots Of Rust”

  1. When looking for the artwork, I had/have this book with mystic places all over the globe, and this pic is the Castle of Dracula, has been used on various sleeves and other materials in the meantime, worldwide.. I even think I've mentioned that Outspoken had used that pic in the early 90's. Stubborn as they where, they didn't gave a damn and we ended up in using this one.

  2. Yeah, I surely hope this brings back sweet memories. You have done a good job by releasing these and left a tremendous legacy ! I truly believe this.Keep me posted on the book please. I will interview D. SOY early next year…

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