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Right For Life destroy babylon


Right For Life is a French Hardcore band from Nantes. Also a part of the KDS Crew. They play an original breed of 90’s Hardcore. Their music is not metallic as most of their contemporaries. But the music they create is more Old School oriented. The best description is groovy yet melodic Old School Hardcore. The melodies and riffs aren’t that hard to play and simple of structure. But the energy of the vocals combined with the groove and melody deliver.

In the song ‘Fugitive Man’ the lyric writer says he takes a step back from society, he doesn’t want to posses the useless things. And our society and lifestyle brings decay to the earth. He wants to stay pure. This makes him a fugitive man and makes him stand outside of society.

‘I Keep It Straight’ is about the Straight-Edge way of life Olivier (vocalist) lives. From past mistakes you learn to live sober and pure. No use of drugs. Sometimes tension arises and it’s not always easy to resist. But the strength is there and no defeat to be expected. Succeeding in being the man you want to be. Achieving the goal you have set. And discover true life away from self-destruction and illusion.

‘Reality Check’ is about the freedom of expression of your own reality and thoughts. The freedom to speak your mind. And that there is nothing wrong with being the way you are. Also some anger to be found in the song. Because it’s like people are expected to be a certain person that fits in society.

‘Through The Flames’ is about the difficulties a person experiences during his life. The inner pain one can feel, the dark thoughts one can have. There might even be times of temptation to greedy actions and hatred. These times are symbolic referred to as the flames of life. Everybody has a right to live, a right for life and through these flames of life you must go.

As you can read, this record is a true Hardcore record. The Punk spirit is in it. The criticism towards society is present. The outlaw you might become by criticising the established powers. The Straight Edge way of life is also described very honest and sincere. But also the freedom of being is claimed by the vocalist. And ofcourse the agony and ethical temptations one feels are also perfectly described in the lyrics.

The last song is a Youth Of Today cover.

The label Siton Records is a label from Belgium that has released Hardcore records from the year 1997 to 1999. The album also exists on vinyl and coloured vinyl.

Right For life “I Keep It Straight”
Right For Life “Through The Flames”

One response to “Right For Life destroy babylon”

  1. Olivier Lehuby

    Thank you Willem. Unfortunately the only release that we’re ashamed of.
    Please check :

    right4life bandcamp

    From the 1st demo ’till the last album, 6 LP with tons a great tunes. We love ’em all except DBabylon… 😜

    For most peple “off the beaten track” is the band’s highlight, i ‘d go for “Pride and joy have gone dull”

    Great project you have here !

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