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Dare against all odds

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Dare is a band that’s known since Reaper Records shed light on them by releasing their first two eps. Now they have become part of Revelation Records. Their new album is called “Against All Odds”. The previous eps were more of a search but now they developed a style of Straight-Edge Hardcore that mixes several influences of modern Hardcore bands. They blend that mix of influences in a fluent musical style, that’s very fast paced. Vocals become more angry.

Three songs that stand out are:

Violation Of Trust” has an urgent message and request to peers and others to be be loyal and honest in the things you say and do. And that trust given may never be violated.

Different Method” is about the Straight-Edge method of living. Proud to still be Straight-Edge. And also a big disrespect to those who pretend and those who thought Straight-Edge was a trend. This is musically also one of the most diverse songs.

Dare2Be” starts off and ends with a base line and also has a fast part. It’s an introspective song that deals with inner fear and the battle with the self that’s everlasting.

As you can read, lyrics are honest, to the point and have a clear message.

vinyl label LP

As you can see from the first Dare ep, the band comes from Orange County in California.

The record is pressed on several colours in the first pressing:
300 Orange
300 Clear with purple
400 Yellow
1000 Clear

Record comes in a gatefold cover with hand drawn artwork on front and back cover. And comes with a poster also, that has live images and the Revelation Records logo.

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