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Rot In Hell – Studies In Emerald

UK’s ministers of the Holy Terror Church are back with a limited lathe cut featuring three acoustic covers.
A very special and ultra limited edition was sent out to their disciples, with only 31 pieces roaming the earth this was meant to be an ultra detailed package. 
Spraypainted emerald envelope (example of stencil)

Three songs are featured on this special release that was a DIY project spinning from the mind of one of ROT IN HELL’s members. From the packing to the inside of this mysterious package the Fan gets treated with nothing more than pure art.

Slip case cover and 7″ cover/booklet

From the spray painted envelope to the bookstyle shaped hardboard slip cover and the actual 7″ lathe cut with it’s own booklet, no details were overlooked and every step of this production was planned without margin for error.

Additional flyer, thank you note and paper sticker
Next to the rare lathe cut some extras were added to make this a total treat, from the X ray that comes in the package to the flyers, thank you note and sticker and even a plastic cutout stencil to create your own iconic ROT IN HELL logo.
X ray of the ribcage 
The booklet that serves as a sort of slip cover for the lathe cut contains some pictures of scenery and only holds the necessary info such as the titles of the tracks and the original artist and the name and details regarding the recording. 

The featured songs have been around for quite a while as the recording dates back to 2010.
These gems must have been locked into a deep secure vault untill mankind was ready to witness their beauty.

That day has now come for 31 lucky Fans.

Stamped slipcover in according color

As mentioned before this release is not your typical ROT IN HELL release when you expect Holy Terror based UKHC, this one displays that other talent that makes ROT IN HELL one of the best bands in hardcore nowadays. It features three acoustic songs by artists that may or may not be linked closely to their own scene.

Inside of the booklet

Three covers by three different artists who have acclaimed fame years ago.
From THEATRE OF HATE  to JOHNNY CASH and THE MISFITS, three influential artists that get their own twisted interpretation by ROT IN HELL.

Page 1 of booklet

The acoustic songs are perfectly executed and sometimes the vocals come close to the originals.
This acoustic project is something that divides ROT IN HELL from all the rest, in between the Holy Terror madness and mayhem they can still provide a perfect song with nothing more than a voice and a guitar.

The detail regarding the recording and covered songs

Also the twist in lyrics is very funny, for example in the JOHNNY CASH cover Sixteen there is a part that speaks of Jack Abernathy summoning our protagonist to declare war on man and to spread the plague over the land.

Front and back of the booklet cover

That balance between the acoustic parts and the ‘normal’ hardcore sounds of ROT IN HELL is exactly the path these guys should pursue further on in their career and what sets them apart leading to an ever growing cult following worldwide. They even came up with a new genre for this : Neoterror!

Limited lathe cut featuring an insect X ray

Next to this special one off release there’s also rumours regarding some new releases coming up.
Talk of another new album titled Halways Of The Always II are buzzing round and it seems that a label has been found so expect some new release soon featuring some unreleased songs all packed together in one neat album.

A gift of art 

And if that wasn’t enough they also are working on a split with Psywarfare that will feature three acoustic songs. So good things are coming our way, keep an eye out for these prophets of doom.


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