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Turnstile Surprise

This Is Hardcore festival ended already a week ago. Judge played there and all must have been huge. Incredible line-up but taking place in Philadelphia so I could not be there logically. Besides seeing and hearing bands live, being able to experience and judge their live energy and see the band members in real person, looking at how they play their instruments and the loud music and all other cool things about shows, there are also the records that get special treatment, just for these shows. Most of the times labels and/or bands create special covers to sell at the show.

Well the last day of this festival was on a Sunday and day after that, Monday I got something in my mailbox. Not that a big event you might say. But what was in the parcel was a huge and appreciated surprise. This awesome surprise is what this post is about.
Together with other records from the Reaper Records store, I got an extra surprise. The freebie was one of those show pressings sold at This Is Hardcore 2013. It was the new TURNSTILE Step 2 Rhythm with a variant of the cover. I got it from PK, who is the president of Reaper Records and he wrote a personal message just for me. Could not be more delighted, honored and surprised.
turnstile step 2 rhythm this is hardcore 7 inch 2013 vinyl reaper records
This Is Hardcore 2013 TURNSTILE 7inch
Personal message from the Reaper Records CEO on the fold cover back
For me this is a recognition of my dedication to collecting Reaper Records. And a very awesome surprise. Great to say at least. Especially that I got it day after the end of the fest. Perfect timing…

2 responses to “Turnstile Surprise”

  1. Awesome Willem. Couldn't have gone to a better home!!

  2. Good job. Well done! It's nice that the label appreciate your custom.Also, I never heard this 7″ before, but downloaded it this week & have been listening to it non stop. It is a truly great 7″! I badly need to buy a copy of this…

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