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ROT IN HELL Termini Terrae

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2013, the year that we will witness the return of the legendary DARK EMPIRE records.
Yes, you heard it right, DARK EMPIRE is back, the original label that was created by Dwid Hellion back in the ’90’s to release the earliest incarnations of Holy Terror upon the world is back, this time with Dwid’s son,
Max Mclimans on the helm. To kick off this resurrection they choose ROT IN HELL newest EP as it’s first release with the magnificent title Termini Terrae. The process of releasing this 7″ EP took a while since both label and band needed to work out the details on releasing this together, but it was worth the patience.

Termini Terrae

Termini Terrae contains four new tracks by the UK’s chapter of the church of Holy Terror and features their new vocalist Lecky (former Voorhees vocalist). The result of this new influence is mindblowing and has made this first release for DARK EMPIRE a killer release to start the new year.

Artwork by Give Up

This four track release opens up with title track Termini Terrae, a vulgar display of what these UKHC legends are capable of. Every breath is war and that’s exactly the feeling you’ll get when listening to this track, Lecky who has taken the mic on this release is a perfect choice to help develop ROT IN HELL into this apocalyptic machine of world domination. A match made in heaven or should it be hell?

4P branches

Next up is Carrion Dawn Of Vultures, another example of how this band of UKHC warriors keep on evolving with every release. When in their earliest releases the band tried to sound like an INTEGRITY clone it seems they have outgrown this phase and evolved into a mighty outfit that takes it to the next level.
With their own style and sound that keeps on developing with every new release and reinventing themselves each time we may say that ROT IN HELL is a power on it’s own nowadays.

The matrix etching on this release is MANCHESTER
on one side and UNITED on  the other side. 

The B side of the record starts of what seems to be a trademark sound for ROT IN HELL, an acoustic intro with a dark atmosphere that erupts into heavy guitar madness, that’s what Black Edelweiss is all about.
Next to that the following track Spiritus Mundi seems to be attached to the hip on previous track Black Edelweiss what makes the entire B side into one continious sonic attack. Spiritus Mundi fades out into a chaotic noise near the end that fits the ending of this magnificent release.

4P colours (picture by DARK EMPIRE)

The artwork on this release was handled by Give Up again and is truly amazing, from the cover to the centerlabels, every detail was thought of and creates this dark atmosphere that fits perfect with the sonic terrorism that ROT IN HELL delivers again. Available in four colours this release was set to be sold out in no time. A blue and white version were made available as pre-orders through the DARK EMPIRE store and both in a pressing of 100 pieces each. Next to that a red and black vinyl version were released upon this sickening world to the general public, the red also comes on 100 pieces and the black version i haven’t heard numbers yet. Next to that a test press version was available for a short period but as expected sold out in no time.

Test press cover by Give Up (picture by DARK EMPIRE)

A neat extra to the white vinyl i got into my hands is you can notice the spot of colour that appears on my copy. Probably some sort of transition during the pressing proces when some scraps of red and/or blue colored vinyl clinged to the presses and ended up in the white vinyl pressings. Leaving the virgin white vinyl with an added dimension of a colored smear.

Blue / red vinyl scraps disrupt the virgin white

ROT IN HELL are on their way to world domination and i’m already looking forward to some of their upcoming releases, being a follow up to previous full album in the form of Hallways Of The Allways II and even rumours of another RIH boxset coming up. So keep an eye out on DARK EMPIRE records this year cause i’m pretty sure they will amaze us with some more goodies this year.
Get yours here : Dark Empire store or listen to the demo version of Termini Terrae here.


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  1. I'm not used of you to buy all colors?

  2. I didn't buy all, just got me the white one, the complete set picture is to show the different variations but not mine. Also the test press picture is from elsewhere.

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