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TAKE OFFENSE "T.W.T." Unstable Pressing Process

I recently gathered proof of a detail that fetched my attention when surfing the web. I had this very DARK PURPLE almost black version of TAKE OFFENSE’s full length on Reaper Records. But then while checking rambeaupunk’s auctions, I saw a LIGHT PURPLE or almost Fuchsia colored record, that’s mentioned as the same color out of 700 by Reaper Records, as well when they sold it and as well on their discography.

Look at both records to see that there is a difference. The difference is huge in my eyes:

take offense tables will turn purple vinyl lp reaper records

So we can conclude that this version’s pressing process was UNSTABLE…

Makes me wonder if there are ‘In Between’ copies??

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  1. One of those near impossible to accurately document pressings! But probably all in the broad purple range I guess. I'd love to see your color…

  2. I will update the Reaper discography page to mention that there is a great deal of color variation in this press.

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