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Rhythm To The Madness Faber Quisque Fortunae Suae

Again another fine Powered product to add to my growing Powered Records collection. And this is a rare one; it is the UK tour edition of the great Rhythm To The Madness ep called ‘Soul Doubt’. As is the case with most tour or record release editions from Powered the sleeve is a additional sleeve folded over the regular sleeve (as you can see on the picture above).
This sleeve is in my opinion very funny. And I will try to tell you why. The begin title ‘Campaign On Britannia’ is a starter. It sounds like an election round flyer or something. Also the use of the Roman figures and Latin gives it a ancient feel. I don’t know how Rhythm To The Madness perceives Great Britain but it looks like they find it an old-fashioned or at least very traditional culture.
The five arrows are where the campaign on Britain will strike; 5 places as you can count. And this is from the tour with Cold World (US) and Dirty Money (UK)

Also the numbering of the record is in Roman figures. I won’t tell which number my record is. Use your head instead and recall those exercises you had in school back when you were a kid. This way of numbering I have never seen before. It is funny but also very original from Powered.
I’m not a Latin expert but I know what this Latin expression is saying. It says “everybody is the maker of his own fortune”. Very philosophical and wise words again coming from this totally awesome band and label.

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