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Blindfold 1993 Restrain The Thought


The kind-hearted music BLINDFOLD plays, is generated by the raw but cosy bass parts and the rhythmic drums. The bass and percussion are definitely the instruments that make it punk. But Hans is the one who brings the aggression in this music with his guitar. This slight aggressive touch and stir is not pretentious because often it falls into the background adding nice deepness to the whole. But it is the necessary element of this hardcore record, because you can hear the urge to make it more heavier and vicious. They (Blindfold) are not solely a pre- new school band due to this guitar work. No, they have a diverse and eclectic delivery that is unique in its genre. Also the use of violins in combination with amplified instruments is a piece of innovation, that doesn’t harm the harmonic dance-able whole.
This music is fuel for the pure of heart. Wim, the vocalist has a meditating way of singing without following any religious or organized spirituality. He’s lyrics are abstract and full of symbols taken out nothing less than nature itself. Symbols like wind, water, fire, ice and flowers. All in the great meaning of making an understandable and intelligent message. Despite the fact that the lyrics are cryptic they don’t feel weird or incomprehensible to me. No, they are touching the very core of your existence and this in a gentle way.
“On The Base Of Who We Love
You Divide The World
Into Wrong And Allowed”
This music isn’t what you can call heavy but it is certainly punishing for those who aren’t sober minded. I can understand that drunk outsiders who hear this music at shows start getting into fights. They have the power to divide the crowd into haters and followers.
All this is the magic of Blindfold. Only BF can drive the listeners into two groups; the sober and true (straight-edge) ones and the unknowing, blind people, who aren’t pure of heart. This magic BF creates with music is something I definitely appreciate and approve. This polarization is the result of the great message the band implicitly create with music and words.
The band has been labeled many times as emotional by the out crowd, but this is in my opinion a very wrong approach. The band’s music and the crew culture it grafts on is there to touch your heart and soul for the better. And thus finding truth in your life:
“Truth It Will Be Found
When The Soul Gets Realized”
If you don’t enjoy or agree with this you do not belong and better get out. This is the uncompromising stance of the band and the surrounding H8000 crew.

Blindfold “Restrain The Thought” LP purple vinyl

This first BLINDFOLD full-length exists logically on CD-format and on LP-format. There is purple and black vinyl pressed by Conquer The World Records. If you want to collect H8000, I suggest you get this one. Essential not only for H8000 friends or collectors but a necessary part of any hardcore punk collection. I think this one is also one of the first full lengths coming from a H8000 band.

Don’t worry, this CD isn’t so impossible to find. Try ebay Germany or even ebay US. The CD has got more songs than the vinyl version; 13 tracks in total.

“We Will Be Innocent” from Restrain The Thought
“Fact” from Restrain The Thought

15 responses to “Blindfold 1993 Restrain The Thought”

  1. Hi, good post, but i wanted to give you some more background information on Blindfold.You write : “… without following any religious or organised spirituality.”That's just not true ; thanks to the influence of Youth of Today and later Shelter, all of us were to some extent interested and/or involved in Hare Krishna. Most all of us wore the beads, and Wim was certainly the most talented 'preacher' for this cause. He was like a mini-me of Ray Cappo, lol. This is not meant as an insult, but i wanted to give you a more accurate insight into what was going on.

  2. damn, I hate religious or organized spirituality.

  3. I have really turned my back to every form of organized spirituality. I think everyone should have his own. But I won't stop collecting BF records despite the fact that it was Krishna related at some point. And that I doin't abide to this.I sensed in Wim's way of singing some kind of spirituality (as I said in the meditating way of singing) but I thought this was all of his own. Maybe it was wishfull thinking, I don't know. But I realize that something/someone else can never be a 100% similar to yourself.

  4. luckily, it was just a passing phase… lolhowever, i still to this day LOVE some of theShelter lyrics… their 2nd 7″, 'In Defense of Reality', especially the B-side has a world class song, both musically and lyrically called 'The News', which remains one of my favorite hardcore lyrics ever… well worth hunting down !Edward

  5. No panic.. :, it seems that you take this as a strong emotion.This was just flirting with it, no-one in the band was a devotee or krsna monk…as a matter of fact the bullshit involved with most religions made Blindfold being a well outspoken band against religion. Don't confuse spirituality with religion…

  6. Hans, I still remember those 2 Krishna monks on their motorcycle in front of your house way back,they drove all the way up from Durbuy trying to recruit you for their temple, lol.good times!

  7. Hahaha…right, I almost forgot that situation.I made a choice in the left hand path direction though…666

  8. Sometimes I wonder how one who truly chooses the left hand path can be straight edge and vegetarian ?

  9. Since survival is the highest law, the Satanist will not ruin or poison his or her body, even if it is legal to do so. This is an important distinction. Self-destructive, suicidal hedonism—via whatever means—is ultimately un-Satanic as it threatens the very thing a Satanist holds most dear: his own life.

  10. On a side note…if survival is at hand I would kill and eat and animal. vegetarianism/veganism are the easiest lifestyles to adapt in our Western society. We have a choice, and mine is obvious the veggie way, but if needed, I do what I need to do.

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