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Shortsight Testpress

cover Conquer The World Records


Shortsight’s first 7 inch was released through Conquer The World Records from the United States. It was pressed in six versions; black, red, clear, orange, white and marbled baby blue. Initially this was listed as only one color red and black on Discogs. It was through a fellow collector that I got to see all other colors while scanning his 7 inch collection.

A few years ago, someone I trade with on occasion, posted a test press on Instagram. I was intrigued by it. So I asked if he would trade it, but he answered he did not want to. I could understand as these do not pop up that often. So I realized there is a test press also and put it on my radar.

Early this week the previous owner of this testpress contacted me. He said he remembered my question from a few years ago and he offered me to trade this test for things he wanted. I needed less than a minute to decide. And said yes to the trade proposal. So here it is, the Shortsight “Why Spend Time Learning” test press from Conquer The World Records.

This one comes in a white paper sleeve with writings on it. Also the white center label has writings on it. It has the band’s initials, the format and the catalog number mentioned.

So I took an updated collection photo. Now I only need the regular black version, could buy it right away on Discogs. But that’s too easy, so that’s not the priority.

Shortsight “Why Spend Time Learning” 7 inch collection

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