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Reiziger was a Post-Hardcore band from Belgium that released three 12 inches on Genet Records. Their sound can be compared to Fugazi and Sensefield but that doesn’t do it full justice. Their post Hardcore sound is something totally of their own and unique. They played the Vortn’ Vis Hardcore festival in 1998 so they have origins in the local Hardcore scene without any doubt.

The first 12 inch was a four songs ep that was pressed on black vinyl only but there is a test press. It’s called “Don’t Bind My Hands”. This record has music that is still close to Punk Rock. Especially the intro to the first song is. Later on the tempo slows down to a more heartfelt and emotional sound, with clean vocals. The guitars sound moody and hit deep.

Reiziger “Don’t Bind My Hands” LP

The second title is called “Our Kodo” and was pressed in 1999. This copy comes on peach vinyl and is not numbered. The songs become more polished and mature. You can definitely hear the band becoming more professional. The guitar is still the most manifest actor, that takes you and guides you throughout the sound.

Reiziger “Our Kodo” LP peach vinyl

Finally the third release on Genet Records is called “The Kitten Becomes A Tiger”. This one comes on red vinyl and is stamp numbered with the typical stamp that Sober Mind and Genet used throughout the nineties. It’s pressed in 2000 and was their last title for Genet Records. They sound like real modern Rock band on this release, hard to tell they came from a Hardcore scene.

Reiziger “The Tiger Becomes A Kitten” LP red vinyl

I had the chance to buy all three titles at once, from someone who got them new and never used them in all those years. I have the compact discs to play, so I will gladly do the same…

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