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Stormcore “In For the Kill”

The vinyl version of the Stormcore’s most typifying release. Was pressed by Mad Mob records from Berlin, Germany. The 7 inch has four songs that are also released on compact disc. All four songs are in vein of tough guy Hardcore. The guitarist also ran the label Overcome Records.

Stormcore In For the kill vinyl 7 inch
Stormcore “In For The Kill” 7 inch

Ten years ago there was a website that mentioned only 50 copies of this split wax existed. Unfortunately that website is no longer operational. There also is a blue with black splatter 7 inch versions of equal rarity. And a regular black vinyl version exists as well.

The compact disc version, has slightly different artwork. And exists in two variations:

Stormcore In For the kill compact disc artwork version one
Stormcore In For the kill compact disc artwork version two

Rennes (city in the East of France) was the home base of the KDS Crew, that consisted several bands. Stormcore and Right For Life were at the forefront, with other bands like A Way Of Life and Underground Society. KDS Crew is short for Karate Dance Style. So you can imagine a more tough guy crew also. The Age Of Venus compilation mentions more bands like Darkseid, Straight Up, As One and Slamface. All these bands play a more Old School influenced style of Hardcore.


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