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Surrounded Records #4: V/A Out Of Cages


Surrounded Records from Italy, Rome to be exact, was a label who focused on the truly Vegan Straight-Edge bands during the late 90’s. The most well-known bands on this label were undoubtedly Strength Approach and Purification. I have several of their releases but not all. Will start with the first one I have (Surrounded #4) and continue to post up until their last (Surrounded #9).

The series of posts will be the following, according to those I have:

SR04 Various “Out Of Cages”
SR05 split Statement / Dim Mak
SR06 Dehumanize “Restore the Sacred Order Of Nature”
SR07 Dim-Mak “s/t”
SR08 Purification “Vessel Of Wrath”
SR09 Until Today “Hate Free”

Surrounded Records #4: V/A Out Of Cages

There were several benefit compilations made during the 90’s. This one is one of the lesser known. And was exactly made to financially help imprisoned animal rights activists. Most likely for lawyers and such. When people were convinced that political correctness or making people conscious of these critical issues via zines, books, speeches, lectures and pamphlets aren’t helpful enough. Or they were so angry about some practices of the meat-industry or multi-nationals, they did direct actions against them. Police arrested them and they got sued. That’s the background as to why this record needed to be pressed and how it all came so far.

record photo
Various artists Out Of The Cages

Technically about the label’s work, I have to say the following. The title is very well chosen. People were imprisoned for trying to set imprisoned animals free. So they got the same fate as the species they tried to set free. Both parties now ‘speak’ out of their cages.

“One day people won’t have to rescue animals from prison… only to end up there themselves”

Bands and songs featured on this compilation are:

A1 Insurrection “Higher Justice”
A2 Vengeance Of Gaia “The Myth”
B1 Rancor “Victim 206”
B2 Purification “Purified In Blood”

All but one sound pretty common to other vegan straight-edge bands, so you won’t get wiser or be surprised when hearing these tracks. The one that stands out is the Rancor track. Have I already mentioned that band? They used a drum machine instead of a real drummer. The result is pure mayhem. Ultra fast drumming like you’ve never heard before. Actually in words that sounds stupid but when you’d hear it, you realize it’s not that bad actually. With a little listening effort it fits right in.

Also some pink coloured vinyl exists, I haven’t got one, but there a mentioning with picture on the Discogs site. Seems suspicious, coloured vinyl for a benefit compilation is unusual. Making collectible items is kind of a foresight one has. So that it survives the test of time and doesn’t sink into oblivion.

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