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Deformity "Live Beyond" demo cassette

Back in 1996 when Deformity played at Dadizele in West-Flanders they recorded their set. After hearing it they decided to self-produce a tape in order to be able to promote their work. So became this highly sought after live demo cassette. I borrowed this cassette from a collector out of the Antwerp region in Belgium, his name is Dimitri. I’ve got more tapes almost ready to be uploaded to YouTube.
Original Deformity demo cassette
Only two of these tracks were later rerecorded for the Good Life Recordings midCD. Correct me if I’m wrong but besides “God Defined” and “Splitting” I think no other tracks were ever released.

The singer speaks in Dutch because of the audience who was Dutch so I’ll give some translations and content of what he is saying over here. “God Defined” is about the mindset of a serial killer, called Dahmer. Also “Splitting” is about a serial killer. The vocalist makes a joke about Dahmer saying: “He is actually a nice person, when you know him a little bit better”.

Also he speaks about Regression who had just released their new CD on Good Life Recordings. He dedicates the song “Solitude” to David of Regression. Gives us an approximate insight on the sequence and release dates of Good Life recordings releases.
The song “Lost Souls” is about people who find that the image of a band is more important than the music the band makes itself, the vocalist explains.
Deformity was a more outspoken metal influenced band. In the period of this live demo they shortly after released the Misanthrope CD. After that they released two other CD’s who were metal releases with a Hardcore background.
Deformity “Live Beyond demo” from the 1996 demo cassette


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