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Take Offense UNITED BLOOD 2012

One of my major wants up next, also from Reaper Records. The one that’s erased from the want list is a version of the latest TAKE OFFENSE release. I liked the music on this one. But I especially like the cover and the limited amount made. The one that I acquired is the second rarest, after the test pressing, who’s number one. Has a silk-screened sleeve with black ink on a plain white cover.

take offense under the same shadow lp united blood limited screened cover clear vinyl reaper record

Unfortunately though, the record isn’t numbered, but the discography tells us that it’s out of 50 copies only. I’m super happy that I got one! I like the grave-grinder a lot. Zombies wearing hats and skating graves to ruin. Yes, that’s cool enough for me.

As you can see, there are two other covers with the same zombies on it. The record release and the test pressing. I need those to make the collection complete…

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