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TAKE OFFENSE United States Of Mind


A long awaited order came in. All the incoming vinyl was TAKE OFFENSE records. I’m getting used to the Reaper Records standards of quality, but still realize it is again a job very well done. Artwork looks great, with according vinyl colors, silver, opaque green and ultra clear vinyl.

Also a promotional limited flexi was printed on clear green. It’s actually the first time I see Reaper Records choosing for a flexi-disc format, and actually also my first experience with flexis.

A band can’t wish for more I think with such a label. About the band now. They still play that hard hitting hardcore style, but now seem to have evolved to a smoother metal sound. A more Metallica influenced delivery I think.With groove that reminds me of Violation. Not so explicit but still recognizable.. I immediately got hooked when listening to the download.

Along with the other pre-orders came a live-series 7 inch, on color red. With a big hole and an illustrated booklet of photo’s of the band members. Nothing extremely informative but still cool. My copy is numbered 63 out of 500.

 take offense live at socal slam vinyl inch reaper records
Live 7 inch recorded at So.Cal. Slam
numbered with marker out of 500 copies
Promotional Flexi single in green
take offense place your bet flexi disc reaper records
limited to 250 pieces
Bunch of Take Offense records
take offense place your bet LP vinyl reaper records
All three colors of the STATE OF MIND Lp 

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