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Tension Agent Of The People

Tension “Agent Of The People” LP, three things need to be told about this record. Firstly the objective part of the record and music, secondly the subjective part or the way I think about it and thirdly the eBay sale part.

The record was released through Uprising Records in the year 1996. The band Tension was from the Hardcore scene in Florida as were Strongarm, Morning Again and Culture. Tension was a Christian and Straight-Edge band and played a more traditional Hardcore sound, not the metallic kind.
The cover goes well with the orange and black vinyl this vinyl was pressed on. The backside photo shows the band playing with no stage and no obstacle between the band and the audience, all very traditionally Hardcore. Also the intensity of the performance shows on the photo. Look at the singer on his knees and the people from the audience with clenched fists and keeping an eye out.

Tension “Agent Of The People” LP orange vinyl
Tension “Agent Of The People” back cover

Personally I think this record sounds great, angry and interesting. Glad I have it, should have discovered it earlier. Sounds really intense.

The eBay sale I got from years ago, was one of the last huge and successful sales I attended with my bids. Nowadays everything moved to the more predictable and less volatile Discogs platform. The seller resided in Germany and sold lots of 90’s related Hardcore stuff, including H8000 records and compact discs, rare records from Vegan Reich but also shirts that were very collectible. I am glad I got this record and other things. But as you can see the cover is creased from sending it in the thin mailer together with a compact disc. He didn’t use a hard cardboard separator.

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