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The Good Life #4

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How much pleasure I have when just seeing this record. Every Good Life Recordings compilation has his charms. And just breaths the atmosphere of a lively label that was the epicenter of things happening in the world of Hardcore. This one’s is number 4 but personally I like volume 2 the most. One that hasn’t been put out on vinyl unfortunately. How many bands did I not get to know by this compilation. Numerous listens this one had.
various the good life records recordings vinyl color collection
V/A The Good Life number 4

Not many labels press three colors of a compilation, it must have meant that they realized the importance of such a compilation. Spreading the sound of bands and letting kids taste it for themselves. And making it collectible at the same time. Featuring bands like Congress, Liar, Arkangel and Length Of Time one cannot go wrong. Even Josh Fury and Liar do a special collaboration like in the good old days.

Also this release contains a crucial pressing info sheet, that when collection Good Life releases is of much help and importance…

A funny anecdote I had when trying to get the red version was that I bought it but got sent a black copy, I didn’t even know the existence of. What a surprise that was, due to an accident this one became completed. But I did had to buy another red…

I think it’s still available over at  but I’m not completely sure. Anyway if you’re just getting into collecting or want an introduction on Good Life from earlier days, this might be an excellent opportunity!

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