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The New Breed’s Absolution

I’m still collecting records, although a bit more on the background, hence my relatively long gap in posting. Just haven’t found anything exciting enough to write about. But the next two records are definitely worth having a closer write-up about.

The Wild Style version of the up until it’s reissue unknown to me NEW BREED Tape Compilation, was taking a place on my wantlist. I actually didn’t know the compilation since I’m fairly young and not listening to Hardcore when it was released. And although I bought the regular version at Good Life, it was Marcus from The Endless Quest who let me knew the existence of a colored version. I immediately wanted it big time.
So a few years later it’s in my collection already. That didn’t take so long, I guess. I saw it for sale and realized that chances of obtaining a collectible release only grow thinner the later after it’s release date, so I acted fast and bought at will.
new breed compilation wild style vinyl lp blue wardance lush life nyhc
Blue vinyl and silk-screened sleeve. “Wild Style” design by Chaka Malik.
Numbered 145 out of 200 copies
Complete with original and creative artwork and lyrics in a multi-page booklet
It’s a real nicely done version. The front of the cover is screened with a thick layer of silky ink. The back is -as you can see hand numbered. And has the song-list glued on it. This is a very work intensive sleeve. The vinyl comes on ultra-clear blue vinyl. Awesomeness!!
Also the booklet is richly illustrated with drawings and pictures along with the lyrics. Since I bought it from the executive producer, I had the opportunity to add another of his releases the shopping cart. It’s a reissue of the ABSOLUTION four songs ep. Also very beautifully lay-outed. And totally limited gold vinyl. Absolution’s the very first band on the list of the compilation. Seems like Ryan is doing a run of reissues of bands featured on the compilation amongst the clothing he makes.
absolution gold vinyl 7 inch nyhc lush life
With logo-stamped dustsleeve
Gold vinyl limited to 60 pieces only!!
It also exists on purple vinyl out of 150 copies.As I was willing to tip you that they were doing pre-orders for the Altercation 7inch, I realized it already sold out entirely it seems. That was quick, because when I bought this one during the week they told me to launch pre-orders in the weekend. And now it’s totally gone during the time of shipping.

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  1. The cover of the LP looks great and makes me want to listen to it every time I see it.Good work on the Absolution 7″ too! Looks nice.


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