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Trapped Under Ice Secrets Of The World


I could write a review, but I couldn’t do better than the review I read on the web page from the digital download. So here you can read this from the label:

The countdown begins! 2009s most anticipated full length from Baltimore’s TRAPPED UNDER ICE is about to be let loose on the unsuspecting ears of both the faithful and the doubters. SECRETS Of THE WORLD is the title of the 12 track album length release from Maryland’s new standard bearers.

The LP continues on where the 2008 Stay Cold ep left off. Pressing after pressing, the ep continues to sell to new audiences and this release and is considered by many to be the hardcore record of that year. With its cover art being painted by artistic luminary and musician Daniel Higgs, from its packaging design, to the music within, it is a must have for anyone interested in the genre.

That being said, Secret Of The World is ready to add the next level to their still embryonic legacy. The 12 tracks on the album are designed for inspiration and self-reflection on a world that leaves one beaten and bleeding. Recorded in early 2009 by Dean Baltulonis at his ‘The Wild Artic’ studio in Queens, New York, the album is glory bound to be both a classic and iconic of it’s time. A standout for many arethe lyrical choices. A super personal approach being taken by their front man Justice; using his personal experiences as allegory to the decaying society surrounding his urban environment. This uniquely autobiographical approach is what many feel completely separates T.U.I. from the pack.

Immediate plans for the group are constant touring of the United States of America, Europe, Asia and Australia by the year’s end. They will continue their tours’ heavy past with such heavy hitters as Terror, Born From Pain, Death Before Dishonor, Have Heart, Bitter End, Trash Talk and on and on.
The war-mammoth is headed your way. Attack is imminent, feel the chill…

vinyl collection photo

What you see is the “gold” version or also “beer” version that is out of 200 pieces. The red version was the Merchnow exclusive version that has 500 colours existing and the Reaper Records pre-order is black with 300 made and finally the distribution version; clear that has a 1000 made.

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  1. Anonymous

    hi!i was yesterday on a trapped under ice show, bought the vinyl and got clear with black splatter. so theres definetaley another color around. greets sascha

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