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After listening to this music for the first twenty seconds I was interrupted by a phone call. But the tune stayed stuck in my head for the next hour. When I listened to it properly, I mean at ease and the entire ep at once, I was very surprised about it. Perfect to say at least. A totally new approach to be heard in Justice’s new band, here and there still some TUI background influences. But do not expect a sophomore release, this is totally different. More original, less heavy than Trapped Under Ice and equally talented.

Influences are hard to determine, maybe Bad Brains but who isn’t influenced by that band? Melodic Skate Punk also perhaps, but the members probably played the Stay Cold songs too much to say it’s like Melodic Skatepunk, so this isn’t the best comparison either.

A totally proto-typical release with iconic cover-art also. Man look at it, simple and symbolic, carved in your visual memory forever at first sight.

This record was released by React! Records past summer. Came also on clear and black. My copy is white, need pressing information on this.

Also the vocals are different, ranging between screaming vocals and melodic vocals, very diverse. Also the one to maximum two word song titles are typifying. A release bursting of creativity. Despite the originality still  fitting in the rather narrow section of Hardcore. The proof that the genre isn’t bled out. Proving that there is still space to innovate within.

Eight songs packed on a 7 inch, so short songs but it’s so creative that it doesn’t pass by immediately. It is so rich and diverse in the instrumental and vocal department that it is a lot to listen to and that it takes and requires all attention and isn’t perceived as short. While it’s brought fluently and clearly. Truly great stuff. The perfect debut and hopefully they can maintain in this level of quality with their next opuses also!

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