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A Whole New Level Of Color


Back up is the split LP between Shai Hulud and Another Victim called “A Whole New Level Of Sickness”. Last week I was lucky enough to be able to buy another color of this LP. I bought it from a Belgian person who had several colored Good Life Recordings titles for sale on Facebook.

When I saw the photo of this LP he had, I realized this color was significantly different than the other colors I already had. So I took the chance and contacted him. The deal was made and a few days later the record arrived very well packaged in the mail. Glad to have it as it looks amazing.

Shai Hulud & Another Victim “A Whole New Level Of Sickness” LP
multicolored vinyl close up in sun light

You can find the other colors I have in another post I made a while ago, called Shai Hulud and Another Victim split LP. Maybe I should have been patient enough and have waited until this came in to make a group photo. I can’t blame myself as in this world, I can only dig deeper, unknowingly what will be discovered next!

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