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A while ago I ordered from the Crucial Response distro on Had a littte chat with Peter Hoeren, and he told me he knows this blog already a long time. Which flattered me as nowadays nobody seems to care about it anymore. I bought three records which I am going to write about in this post.

First up is the Faith “Subject To Change” repress LP on Dischord. I don’t want to spend money on finding a colored copy but still I liked it when I have heard it for the first time. As a plus, this repress has their demo. And a text with the history of the band on the back side of the cover. Glad to have filled this hole in my knowledge of DC Hardcore. With the brother of Ian McKaye, named Alec? Isn’t he also on the cover of the first Minor Threat 7 inch?

Faith “Subject to Change + demo” LP
Faith “Subject To Change + demo” LP back side cover

I also bought a fresh copy of the Dag Nasty “Can I Say” LP on vinyl. The latest pressing I think. I have had this on CD but that format isn’t so reliable as it might become impossible to play because of scratches. Also vinyl sounds better that digital. I still play this classic LP now and then.

Dag Nasty “Can I Say” LP front cover
Dag Nasty “Can I Say” LP back cover

Third record is something totally different, the Foreseen “Helsinki Savagery” LP repress. I wanted to follow the hype on pre-ordering the first pressing upon it’s release years ago. But for some reasons I passed. In hindsight not such a bad decision as the hype also passed… Not a bad word though, still a solid record that unleashes a wild and primitive side within me.

Foreseen “Helsinki Savagery” LP purple vinyl repress
play at maximum volume!!!

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