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Not Of This Earth

When this version of the record was released in 2012 at the Sound & Fury festival in California I wanted it badly but is was hard to get. Even for me as a dedicated Reaper Records collector. But now I found the record. It’s a cover with the title of the record and a photo of a spiral galaxy fittingly behind it. It’s actually a regular sleeve with the different artwork glued on it.

Fire & Ice “Not Of This Earth” LP Sound & Fury 2012 cover (30 made)

I already featured the test pressing of the Fire & Ice debut record and some other versions as well. Now that I found this one, I have a complete collection and was morally obliged to make a collection photo.

Fire & Ice “Not Of This Earth” LP complete collection

You can see the test pressing, the Sound & Fury version, the three colors pressed. But also the rare United Blood 2013 festival cover that is officially made by Guav of Reaper Records but almost nobody has.

This is actually produced by A.J. Novello who did backing vocals in Burn and played in Leeway. Given the sound of this last band you can expect some heavy groove when you listen to this… He also did the production for bands like Merauder, Crown Of Thornz, Skarhead, 25 Ta Life and Breakdown!


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